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Dinner Plain 'Smart Cards'

We have launched a new 'Smart Card' system for transfers between Hotham and Dinner Plain!

A Dinner Plain 'Smart Card' is a cashless, modern way to pay for bus travel.

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*Top up money is non-refundable so please only top up with what you expect to use.

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    Activate your 'Smart Card' ready for use.


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    Manage your 'Smart Card' account.


  • Top Up

    Check your balance or add prepaid credit.

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FAQ's & Information

  • What is a Dinner Plain 'Smart Card'?

    A Dinner Plain 'Smart Card' is a cashless, modern way to pay for bus travel.

  • Where can I use a 'Smart Card'?

    You can use a 'Smart Card' on the Dinner Plain shuttle bus, to and from Mt Hotham. Funds must to be added to your card prior to your travel.

  • How does a Dinner Plain 'Smart Card' work?

    Begin by purchasing a 'Smart Card' from an authorised agent.

    Activate online and top up with funds for your Dinner Plain shuttle bus travel. You will also be able to view your transactions and use our GPS tracking to see where the bus is.

    Please note: One 'Smart Card' will be issued per family however we do recommend purchasing a second card to use in case the family do not travel together at all times.

  • Why use a Dinner Plain 'Smart Card'?

    'Smart Cards' provide a cashless, more efficient service. To modernize services and experiences for Dinner Plain bus travel. To assist in improving and developing all Dinner Plain services.

  • Why a SMART card for Dinner Plain buses?

    Around the world, 'Smart' Cards are being used for various transport services.

    Cashless payment systems are being implemented more and more. The Alpine Spirit Coaches 'Smart' Card brings the Victorian Alpine area in line with worlds best practice and latest technologies available.

  • Where can I get a SMART card?

    Cards can be obtained from several outlets across the Mt Hotham and Dinner Plain areas.

    Visitors can visit the website at  and get a full list of retailers and outlets. 

    Additionally, users can purchase a 'Smart' Card at leading “off mountain” Snow Holiday & Travel centres in Myrtleford, Bright and Harrietville.

  • Is my SMART card refundable?

    The cost of the Smart Card is non refundable

  • Where do I use my SMART card?

    The Alpine Spirit Coaches 'Smart' Card is used for the Dinner Plain to Mt Hotham Bus Service (and return service)

    The Mt Hotham Village Shuttle service is still free and does not require a 'Smart' Card.

  • How do I travel with the 'Smart' Card ?

    Your driver will ask you to simply tap the Alpine Spirit Coaches 'Smart' Card before you travel on the designated touch point on the bus. That simple!

    The amount deducted will be the fare type selected by the driver for each journey required.

    Resort Entry fees are subsidised by the Alpine Shire.  You are only paying for the bus travel. Your 'Smart' Card is security coded to you only!

  • I am going to travel four or five times every day.  Will I be charged each time?

    Yes. The system charges for each fare type per journey taken. If staying for an extended period with multiple trips planned, we strongly suggest a 'Smart' Card SEASON PASS. This will save you money…

  • Can I give my friend my 'Smart' Card to use?

    No. The 'Smart' Card is issued and registered to one person only.  If an Alpine Shire Council officer or Alpine Spirit Coaches staff asks to inspect a photo ID on the bus, it must be produced, or the card is surrendered to the driver.

    A person must then re-apply to have the 'Smart' Card returned or purchase another card. The 'Smart' Card is not transferable.

  • How do I Activate my 'Smart' Card?

    Once you have purchased the physical 'Smart' Card from one of our agents, go to

    Then ‘Activate’ (register), then ‘Login’ as per details required. By doing this it provides you with access to top up at your 'Smart' Card account, track all transactions, GPS tracking of the bus AND the “Hail-a-Bus’’ service (applicable only to the Mt Hotham Village Bus - after hours).

    You will then be able to add funds via the ‘Top Up’ button on main menu.

  • For Non-English-speaking passengers.

    The advantage of having a 'Smart' Card is that many International travellers likely already know about 'Smart' Card systems.  They can purchase a 'Smart' Card at a venue that assists with their language. They do not need to explain to a driver where they want to go or understand our monetary system.

  • I’ve heard weekly/monthly/yearly season passes aren’t valid on weekends.

    That is not true. They are valid every day for the current snow season. They are also not transferable and can be easily tracked for fraudulent use.

  • Will Alpine Spirit Coaches 'Smart' Card slow things down?

    NO, in fact it most cases it is faster. People will not have to wait in a queue whilst a driver works out cash and change.

  • What are some of the benefits of using a 'Smart' Card?

    Visitors to the snow fields will no longer have to carry a wallet with cash to pay for bus fares. Losing your wallet means just losing your security protected 'Smart' Card!

    Not the money that is on it!  

    Having limited ATM systems at Dinner Plain and Mt Hotham means that travellers will not have to stress about having cash for services or ATMS being out of order – leaving them stuck.

    Lest be honest - We all like to receive cash, but we have modernised the transport services on Mt Hotham & Dinner Plain to enhance your snow experience – not ours!

    Everywhere we now go is encouraging a cashless society. We are simply investing in the technologies that are being used in this fast pace world we all live in. Easy Peasy!

    Then there is the GPS tracking facility. Only available to 'Smart' Card and Hail-a-Bus users. (All registered bus users to Mt Hotham & Dinner Plain).

    The 'Smart' Card is small and convenient and can be placed onto a ski lift pass lanyard or similar.

  • If I lose, or if my 'Smart' Card is stolen, what is the procedure?

    You must contact Alpine Spirit Coaches via email at  or ring our head office at (03) 5752 1333 with your details.

    Opening hours: 9.00am to 6.00pm weekdays, 9.00am to 5.00pm weekends.
    This will streamline the process on identifying the person allocated to the 'Smart' Card sold (against the card number).

    We are not liable for any loss of funds due to lost or stolen'Smart' Card. YOU MUST contact Alpine Spirit Coaches immediately, so we can put a stop on your card. We can transfer funds onto a replacement 'Smart' Card which you are liable for the $5.00 fee.

    You have up to 24 hours to report your 'Smart' Card has been lost, stolen or damaged.   

  • If ‘IT’ or other issues occur, how do 'Smart' Card agents assist their guests?

    We have an IT support department that will work with Alpine Spirit Coaches. In saying this, we will not leave people stranded because of an IT problem.

    For the protection and integrity of our services and staff, anyone that is abusive and/or rude to our agents and/or staff will be told before any action is taken that they must retry contacting us with the decorum that is acceptable for staff to work with. We think this is fair to ask.

  • How can I provide feedback?

    For feedback please email Based on the nature of the feedback being made, Alpine Spirit Coaches will determine the response and timing.

    Please understand that any rude and/or abusive emails will be deleted with no further action taken. Complaints placed on social media will not be answered or addressed – just deleted. We are here to help and are happy to assist you via the appropriate course.

  • How do guests arriving late to Dinner Plain purchase 'Smart' Card (to activate) if intending to use the Dinner Plain Shuttle service for the early morning services the next day?

    We have this covered. A detailed list of 'Smart' Card ‘On Mountain Agents’ have been selected as to cover most scenarios we can think of, from hotels, ski hire shops, motels, visitor information centres and accommodation booking agencies.

    We recommend that you organise with your accommodation venues to have your 'Smart' Cards ready for pickup if you are going to be late… Our earliest agent at Dinner Plain – Ramada, opens at 7.00am.

    Hotels and Ski Hire shops operate to late into the evening – depending on demand of course.

  • Does the Dinner Plain Bus have Ski and Snowboard racks?

    No. You will be required to load your own ski equipment & luggage under the vehicle on the regular Dinner Plain Shuttle buses. During peak demands, customer service personnel may be present as to assist you, plus additional vehicles may be called upon where you will be required to carry on your equipment.

    Please always liaise with your driver for instruction.

    Sample of Dinner Plain Bus – Ski Equipment & Luggage loading bays.

    • Loading to Mt Hotham in Blue (Ex Dinner Plain)
    • Loading to Dinner Plain in Green (Ex Mt Hotham)

2021 Season Dates

Low Season
5th - 27th June 2021
6th September - 26th September 2021

High Season
28th June - 5th September 2021

Purchase a 'Smart Card'

Buy a Dinner Plain 'Smart Card' from one of our authorised 'on mountain' or 'off mountain' agents.

On Mountain Agents

Hoys Ski Centres
(Harrietville, Mt. Hotham, Dinner Plain & Omeo)

Phone –  1800 GO SNOW
Phone – 03 5759 2589
Email –

  • Hoys Harrietville Ski Centre – 03 5759 2658
  • Hoys Mt Hotham Ski Shop – 03 5759 3221
  • Hoys @ Jack Frost – 03 5759 3889
  • Hoys Dinner Plain Ski Shop – 03 5159 6339

Dinner Plain Accommodation

4 Big Muster Drive, Dinner Plain
Postal address: P.O. Box 48, Dinner Plain, VIC, 3898, Australia
Email -
Phone - 03 5159 6451

Club Wyndam (Ramada)

12 Big Muster Drive, Dinner Plain VIC 3898 Australia
Phone - 03 5159 6422

The Stables @ DP

125 Big Muster Drive, Dinner Plain VIC 3898 Australia
Phone - 03 5159 6422

Alpine Life Store

4 Big Muster Dr, Dinner Plain VIC 3898
Phone -  03 5159 6622

Off Mountain Agents

Alpine Spirit Coaches

4 Buffalo River Rd, Myrtleford, VIC, 3735, Australia
Phone – 03 5752 1333
Email –

NOTE: When booking on the Snowball Express - Mt Hotham Bus, your driver will issue you pre-purchased 'Smart Card'.

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